What is a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy, also known as a 4G or LTE proxy, is a proxy server that routes internet traffic through a mobile device with a mobile data connection, such as a smartphone, mobile hotspot, or 4G/5G Dongle.

 4G proxy server uses mobile networks to access the internet, which can have several advantages for specific use cases, including web scraping, online privacy, and access to geographically restricted content.

How does a Mobile proxy work?

The working mechanism of 4G is routing internet traffic through a mobile device/hardware with a mobile data connection, providing the device's IP address as the source of the connection to websites and online services.

Here's how mobile proxies function:

Mobile Phone /  4G /5G Dongle with Active Mobile Data Connection - A mobile proxy relies on a physical mobile device or dongle with an active mobile data connection (3G, 4G, or 5G). This device is the intermediary between your computer or application and the internet.

The 4G Mobile Proxy – 4G /5G Mobile Phone is a relay between the user and the website, forwarding your request to the target website or service. From the website's perspective, the request appears to originate from the mobile device's IP address.

Mobile Proxy CGNAT -

Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) is a technology used by ISPs to address the issue of IPv4 address exhaustion.

CGNAT is a solution that enables ISPs to conserve their limited pool of public IPv4 addresses by sharing them among multiple customers.

Rotational Mobile Ips

Mobile Proxies are 4G residential dynamic IPs that can be rotated / Changed by toggling airplane mode on /off in the mobile device,

What benefit does rotational IP provide?

Many websites and online services employ IP-based blocking and rate limiting to restrict automated access. Rotational mobile proxies can help circumvent these restrictions by changing the IP address used for each request, making it more difficult for websites to detect and block your access.

High Success Rate in Web Scraping: Web scraping often involves accessing data from multiple sources. Rotational mobile proxies ensure that if one IP address is blocked, the next request can be made using a different IP, improving the overall success rate of web scraping operations.

Geolocation Flexibility: Rotational mobile proxies offer IP addresses from various geographic locations. This can be valuable when you need to access geographically restricted content or services, as you can switch to a proxy with an IP from the desired location.

Versatility: Rotational mobile proxies can be used for various online activities, including web scraping, data collection, market research, SEO monitoring, online advertising, and more. They are versatile and applicable in multiple industries.

Mitigate Security Risks: By frequently changing IP addresses, you can reduce the risk of targeted attacks on a specific IP. This can enhance your overall online security.

Data Mining for Competitive Analysis: Rotational mobile proxies are commonly used for competitive analysis in business. They allow companies to gather data about their competitors, such as pricing, product offerings, and marketing strategies, without revealing their identity.

Mobile proxies are commonly used for web scraping, data collection, bypassing geo-restrictions, and maintaining online privacy. However, it's important to use mobile proxies responsibly, respecting websites' terms of service and legal and ethical boundaries. Abusing mobile proxies for malicious purposes or violating the law can have legal consequences.

Rotational 4G Mobile proxies have higher Ipqualityscore and bypass CAPTCHAs.

Fraud Score of Mobile Proxy is 0

Mobile Proxies Vs. Data Center Proxies

Mobile proxies are real proxies that are connected to real mobile hardware with a real Mobile IP. It's harder to trace the real activity and the real user.

4G mobile Proxy IPs can be changed via turning off airplane mode on /off

Mobile proxies can be used for data scrapping, ad verification, and tourism package price variation.

Data center proxies use IP addresses associated with data centers or cloud providers.

Datacenter proxies are mostly used for repetitive IT Tasks where there are no Captchas / no web security present.

Rotational IP is not possible in data center proxies.

If you are looking for

High Anonymity, Bypass Geo-Restrictions, Reliable Speed, and Rotational Ips Mobile proxies are what you need.

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