How AdsPower works with 4G Proxy

Anti-detect AdsPower with 4G Mobile Proxies

Suppose you are an Agency owner, freelancer, or Social Media multiple accounts manager. In that case, you cannot manage multiple accounts from a single PC/ Laptop without being banned or restricted by the websites.

Websites use browser fingerprints & systems fingerprints to detect the user. If one of your accounts gets banned, there are chances that the other accounts will get banned soon as well. Anti-detect browsers are being used to manage multiple accounts easily.

AdsPower is one of the Ant-detect browsers we use to manage our Ads agency and multiple social media accounts.

Some features that we liked about AdsPower,

  • Affordable & easy to use
  • Various Proxy Integrations
  • Browser automation
  • The team is super friendly and brings new features from time to time.

Earlier our accounts were getting banned due to the same browser fingerprints for all the profiles; when we started using AdsPower, the captcha issue was solved because the browser was loaded with clean browsing history using the automation RPA.

Building a Cookie for a browser by manually opening websites is a tedious task, so AdsPower offers an RPA automation that lets you choose which website should be opened, what tasks should be performed, and for how long.

RPA automation lets you mark which site should be opened and then what should be searched on that page; the automated program will make you look like a human doing the tasks manually.

The following things should be done for configuring 4G Mobile Proxy with AdsPower.

1. Open AdsPower Application, Click on create button.


2. After that, you can select which platform you have created the profile from the Account platform.

3. The profile can be locked with a user: pass, so only you can access it.


4. 4G Proxy can be added in the required format; if the proxy connection is successful, it will show the
proxy IP and location.


5. There is another cool feature where you can put the API rotation link to change the IP automatically.

4g proxy

6. After that, click on the OK button to create the browser profile.

You can register at AdsPower and get exclusive discount with Coupon code 4GPROXY — 10% off the first monthly subscription and 35% off the annual subscription. The coupon is valid for new users.

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