Integration of My 4G Proxy with Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is a browser designed for online marketers and web developers who need to manage multiple accounts and identities. It offers a way to create and manage numerous browser profiles with unique fingerprints, allowing users to visit websites and get services that may simultaneously restrict the number of accounts or concurrent sessions.

One of the Main Features of Dolphin Anty is its ability to create and manage browser profiles with

  • Unique browser fingerprints
  • Including user agents
  • WebGL signatures
  • Canvas fingerprints
  • and more

It can help users avoid being detected by websites that track and limit the number of accounts or sessions that can be used simultaneously.

Dolphin Anty also offers a variety of other features, including

  • Built-in proxy support
  • Session management
  • Automation tools

Users can configure proxy servers and rotate IP addresses to mask their online identity further, and they can automate tasks such as form-filling, clicking, and scrolling.

Overall, Dolphin Anty is a helpful tool for those who need to manage multiple online identities, particularly in online marketing and web development.
However, it is worth noting that using multiple accounts or identities to bypass website restrictions may violate the terms of service of those websites and could potentially lead to account suspensions or other consequences.

Integrating a 4G mobile proxy with a Dolphin anti-browser is very easy

Here are the general steps to integrate a 4G mobile proxy with Dolphin anti-browser:

Get a Mobile Proxy from

Format - Ip:Port:User: Pass
1. Open Dolphin Anty and Click on Create a profile –

2. Give a Name to the profile

3. Configure the 4G mobile proxy settings in Dolphin Anty-browser. To do this, open Dolphin anti-browser and navigate to the settings menu. Under the network settings, select the option to use a proxy server. Enter the IP address and port number

4. Configure the proxy details and click on a connection to check the proxy connection, it will show the Ip of the proxy port.

5. Canvas and other details can be edit from these settings dialog.

6. After configuring the canvas settings, cookie building is important to create a history of the browser profile

In this photo, the browser profile is visiting the websites to create an history.
7. When cookie building is completed, it will show as ready

8. After that, we visit to check the status.

9. shows the trust score of the browser profile

Conclusion – Dolphin Anty is Super light and trustworthy browser; we Have used it for a month before writing this blog post.

You can sign up at dolphin anty via -

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