How to use 4G Proxy with Multilogin?

Multilogin virtual browser with 4G Mobile Proxy 

4G Proxy is the most important thing after an Anti-fingerprint browser like Multilogin. It helps us to cover our track which our IP leaves. If we use same IP on all our accounts; all the accounts will be linked and the chance of all accounts getting blocked are higher. 

We only suggest using this Proxy because it has the highest trust score among all the proxies available on the market.

4G Proxy can also be known as Mobile proxy or LTE Proxy.

Steps to use 4G Proxy on Multilogin

1. Create a Profile on Multilogin by clicking “Create New”

4g proxy

2. Give the Profile a name and then click on “Edit Proxy Setting”

4g proxy

3. You will see an option to Choose the Proxy type, it can be HTTP proxy, Socks4 , Socks5 Proxy

 Choose the type of proxy you have.

4. Enter the Proxy details in the shown field. Your Proxy Provider will give you IP/HOST:PORT and a username & Password. Just put it in the fields and click Check proxy

4g proxy

5. Click on Create Profile

4g proxy

That’s it. You now have a Multilogin profile which will work only on the proxy. It will hide your real IP address.

If you are looking for 4G Mobile Proxy or want us to make your own, You can buy now at or contact us on Telegram.

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