How to Safely Run Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts with Multilogin and 4G Proxies.

Safely Run Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts with Multilogin and 4G Proxies

We all know Facebook advertising is an important way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. How large? 2.80 billion monthly active users large, to be precise. Considering its size, they should have good AI to differ White Hat advertiser from Black Hat advertisers, but they suck at it. Everyone who have ran Facebook ads have seen random blocks/account restriction/ Business Manager restriction even if the ads are completely in compliance with Facebook policies.

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Now we have to understand first why we even need to run multiple accounts, why not one can do the tasks?

Unfortunately, Facebook has some pretty strict AI, It suspends ad account for the strangest reasons I have ever seen. I will give you an example; I was trying to sell a girl’s dress and it was considered a weapon selling ad, I eventually got the ad back running after appealing but it took one full day for the appeal process, and sometimes it takes more time before they accept the ad again and sometimes they don’t even accept the legit ad and still consider it as an ad which violates their terms and conditions.

The above scenario happens quite often and is the only reason that you need to have multiple backup accounts. You lose money each day when your ad is not running because of none of your fault.

Now that you understand that why you need a backup account, you also need to understand that Facebook should not be able to link up your main account with a backup account. If that happens, if your main account is disabled for ads, your backup account will also be disabled sooner than you think. Facebook knows that your main account was banned from ads and if you run the backup account on the same IP, with the same credit card, Facebook will know that the backup account belongs to the same guy whose ads was banned and they will simply ban your new account without looking if they are legit or not. They track each activity and try to link data in every way possible.

Facebook tracks your browser. IP, credit cards, a lot of other hardware data which you have never heard of. For me, If I am spending $50-$100k per month on Facebook ads I would not want to bother what FB tracks or not, I would just look for a solution that gets my FB ads up and running.

We need 3 things to be run ads safely.
1. Residential/Mobile IP Proxy address
2. Multilogin – It will protect your browser identity and FB won’t know about any of your previous FB accounts.
3. New Payment methods. You should have access to new cards.

I will explain each one for better understanding.

1. Proxy

We need it because Facebook knows your old IP and if you access the new account from the same IP, they will know who is behind the new account.

You can’t just use any proxy. There are 3 types of proxies

> Datacenter Proxy

> Residential Proxy

Mobile Proxy

 > Datacenter proxy 

This proxy is the worst for our case, these are the IPs that are used by big data centers and are not meant for a normal user. So if you visit your Facebook account from the Datacenter proxy, you can say goodbye to that account, because it will get banned.

Residential Proxy

These are the trusted proxy. This is the IP you get from your ISP on fiber broadband in your home. This is meant for all normal users and is very trusted. You also have to choose the geo of IP. You can’t just use Singapore’s residential proxy for a Facebook account which is normally accessed from United States IP address. You will need a residential IP address from your country.

> Mobile Proxy

These are the most trusted source of proxy available out there. These are meant for people using the internet on their mobile phones. There are only around 4Bn IPv4 proxies available and most of them are private, which means they are owned by corporates. Mobile networks own only small pools of IPv4 addresses and they can’t just assign a unique IP to each of their internet users. They use a technology that assigns hundreds of users the same IP address, which makes it the most trusted IP. If a Facebook user is doing Blackhat things, Facebook just can’t blacklist that IP, since it will result in non-accessibility for other users currently on that IP. The beauty of the 4G proxy is that you can use any countries 4G Proxy and Fb trusts it and thinks you are traveling and using mobile data.


2. Multilogin

It is a browser anti-fingerprint tool which makes it difficult for Facebook to link up your account. Facebook can’t just rely on IP address, they track your browser, extensions, fonts, webgl data, user agent, webrtc, location, timezone, canvas, audio fingerprint, and God knows what else. There are plugins available for free which change few things in browser but it can not make you full undetectable. If you want to run multiple accounts without getting detected, you need Multilogin with Mobile Proxies.

3. Payment Method

We need these to make Ad payments to Facebook. If you are running legit whitehat ads and still got restricted by Facebook, you can still use your original payment method in a new ad account. We only need a new payment method only if we got restricted from multiple ad accounts which used the original payment method.

You will be most likely able to run ads without any issue by following this guide.

If you still have any questions, reach me on telegram.

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