Setting up My 4G Proxy with VMLogin

Multiple machines and virtual servers were a thing of the past. They were not easy to manage and economical. With the improvement in browser tracking systems, physical systems do not work anymore.

Most people are using proxies for data scrapping, affiliate, and E-commerce businesses, but only good proxies won’t bypass the fingerprint tracking performed by the websites.

We are using the Vmlogin virtual browser management tool to bypass fingerprint tracking done by the websites.

We are using 4G Proxies from Australia for the testing browser.

Setting up My 4G Proxy with VMlogin

1. Right-click on the browser profile, then click on “edit profile configuration,” and a pop will open to put proxy details.


2. Select “Proxy type” from the drop-down-

HTTP, Socks5.

Insert IP Address, Port and User: Pass

4G Proxy

There is an option to check the connection of the proxy, “Test Proxy”.

The option will show the proxy IP and location.


After that, we can start building cookies for our new browser profile.

We have tested the IP quality Score from

The results are below-

4G Proxy
VMLogin Ip Score

The fraud score of Australia Mobile 4G Proxy is 0, which indicates that the quality of the proxy is very good and stable for all websites.

We have tested speed via

VMLogin Speed test
speed test

We are getting 15.55 Mbps and 14.67 Mbps as speeds from Australia 4G Proxy server. We had conducted the speed test from another country.
For testing the browser fingerprints. We have used the following websites.

Results from Iphey are trustworthy for Vmlogin.

VMLogin Trustworthy
VMLogin pixelscan

Results from are shown below

Unique fingerprint, Vmlogin successfully passed all the browser fingerprint testing websites.

VM Login

VMLogin multiple browser management software with 4G Proxy will help you to perform all your tasks successfully.

For more information about 4G Proxies,  Please visit this link –

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Integration of My 4G Proxy with Mulogin

Mulogin is an Anti detect browser used by E-commerce sellers, Media buyers, and affiliate marketers. In earlier days, creating multiple profiles on a platform required multiple hardware systems. Still, the result was not perfect because the IP stayed the same, and it was not affordable to manage multiple laptops/desktops or VPS.

With emerging technology, many companies came up with multiple browser applications that can be managed from a single PC/laptop.

Anti-detect browsers allow creating and saving the browser profile after the campaign. It saves the hassle of login in again and creating an alert to the website.

 The software can emulate Ios, windows, and Android (Mobile).

Today we are integrating My4GProxy with Mulogin

Register on the Mulogin website and download the file.

After Installation, Open the Application, Click on add browser, and a pop-up will open where we can configure the browser profile.


Configuration tab, browser profile can be named and grouped under different campaigns for easy accessibility in the future, Operating system can be chosen like windows, MacOs and Linux for fingerprints.


WebRTC settings, replacement mode, will return a modified Ip address matching the Proxy Ip.


User-Agent can be selected from the batch or manually inserted according to the requirement.


Browser profiles can check if the proxy is live or dead. In the Ip address – we need to insert the IP address and In port – port number of the server, and login/pass if there is any.

To check the Quality of the Proxy, we visited

We tested an Australian proxy with Mulogin, and the result is great. As the fraud score of the mobile proxy is 0 – Low risk, with proper cookie building and fingerprint settings, we can set up a campaign successfully without being detected or suspended.


To check the speed of the Mobile proxy, we visited


Speed is 14.80 Mbps on a Mobile proxy; it is good with manual /automatic with a bot.

For More information about 4G Proxies,  Please visit this link –

If you still have any questions, reach me on telegram.

How AdsPower works with 4G Proxy

Anti-detect AdsPower with 4G Mobile Proxies

Suppose you are an Agency owner, freelancer, or Social Media multiple accounts manager. In that case, you cannot manage multiple accounts from a single PC/ Laptop without being banned or restricted by the websites.

Websites use browser fingerprints & systems fingerprints to detect the user. If one of your accounts gets banned, there are chances that the other accounts will get banned soon as well. Anti-detect browsers are being used to manage multiple accounts easily.

AdsPower is one of the Ant-detect browsers we use to manage our Ads agency and multiple social media accounts.

Some features that we liked about AdsPower,

Earlier our accounts were getting banned due to the same browser fingerprints for all the profiles; when we started using AdsPower, the captcha issue was solved because the browser was loaded with clean browsing history using the automation RPA.

Building a Cookie for a browser by manually opening websites is a tedious task, so AdsPower offers an RPA automation that lets you choose which website should be opened, what tasks should be performed, and for how long.

RPA automation lets you mark which site should be opened and then what should be searched on that page; the automated program will make you look like a human doing the tasks manually.

The following things should be done for configuring 4G Mobile Proxy with AdsPower.

1. Open AdsPower Application, Click on create button.


2. After that, you can select which platform you have created the profile from the Account platform.

3. The profile can be locked with a user: pass, so only you can access it.


4. 4G Proxy can be added in the required format; if the proxy connection is successful, it will show the
proxy IP and location.


5. There is another cool feature where you can put the API rotation link to change the IP automatically.

4g proxy

6. After that, click on the OK button to create the browser profile.

You can register at AdsPower and get exclusive discount with Coupon code 4GPROXY — 10% off the first monthly subscription and 35% off the annual subscription. The coupon is valid for new users.

Indian 4G Proxy

Entrepreneurs use Indian 4G Mobile proxies from various countries as the quality of Indian 4G proxy is very high due to the educated population.

By communicating your connection requests through an Indian 4G proxy server, you appear as if you are from India. This way, you can access websites available only to Indian users. Using proxies also lets you protect your IP address and identity. To avoid IP bans and blocks when scraping, you need to use 4G Mobile proxies.

Scraping Data

  1. We are using the Indian 4G proxy for scrapping the data, data mining.
  2. When data scrapping is being done, the webserver blocks the IP used to scrap the data, so to overcome this issue, we use a rotating 4G proxy.
  3. Data scrapping is for getting new clients, pricing on Hotel, Airline Websites. 
  4. Scientific researches with Data – data used in R&D departments is vast, and to gather a massive amount of data, we need vast IP Pools. With 4G rotational proxies IP Pool range is huge. 
  5. When you configure your 4G proxy settings, the proxy connection will route all of your internet traffic through a 4G Proxy IP from Indian mobile ISPs like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone & Bsnl. 

All websites will identify your pc/device as located in India, and they will grant access to the local content that you have requested. 

Why You Should Use a 4G Proxy from India 

Facebook users from India are the largest in the world. This is the data from

Indian 4G proxy users on facebook

Instagram users from India

Indian 4G Proxy users on Instagram

Both the Social media giants have the highest numbers of users from India.

Our 4G Proxies have the highest trust score.

Indian 4G Mobile Proxies

The fraud score of our 4G Proxy is 0. All the websites will consider the user (from 4G Proxy proxy) as a genuine user, and the tasks done by him will be considered as legit.

For More information on Indian 4G Proxies,  Please visit this link –

If you still have any questions, reach me on telegram

How to use 4G Proxy with Multilogin?

Multilogin virtual browser with 4G Mobile Proxy 

4G Proxy is the most important thing after an Anti-fingerprint browser like Multilogin. It helps us to cover our track which our IP leaves. If we use same IP on all our accounts; all the accounts will be linked and the chance of all accounts getting blocked are higher. 

We only suggest using this Proxy because it has the highest trust score among all the proxies available on the market.

4G Proxy can also be known as Mobile proxy or LTE Proxy.

Steps to use 4G Proxy on Multilogin

1. Create a Profile on Multilogin by clicking “Create New”

4g proxy

2. Give the Profile a name and then click on “Edit Proxy Setting”

4g proxy

3. You will see an option to Choose the Proxy type, it can be HTTP proxy, Socks4 , Socks5 Proxy

 Choose the type of proxy you have.

4. Enter the Proxy details in the shown field. Your Proxy Provider will give you IP/HOST:PORT and a username & Password. Just put it in the fields and click Check proxy

4g proxy

5. Click on Create Profile

4g proxy

That’s it. You now have a Multilogin profile which will work only on the proxy. It will hide your real IP address.

If you are looking for 4G Mobile Proxy or want us to make your own, You can buy now at or contact us on Telegram.

How to Safely Run Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts with Multilogin and 4G Proxies.

Safely Run Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts with Multilogin and 4G Proxies

We all know Facebook advertising is an important way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. How large? 2.80 billion monthly active users large, to be precise. Considering its size, they should have good AI to differ White Hat advertiser from Black Hat advertisers, but they suck at it. Everyone who have ran Facebook ads have seen random blocks/account restriction/ Business Manager restriction even if the ads are completely in compliance with Facebook policies.

Facebook Advertisement
Now we have to understand first why we even need to run multiple accounts, why not one can do the tasks?

Unfortunately, Facebook has some pretty strict AI, It suspends ad account for the strangest reasons I have ever seen. I will give you an example; I was trying to sell a girl’s dress and it was considered a weapon selling ad, I eventually got the ad back running after appealing but it took one full day for the appeal process, and sometimes it takes more time before they accept the ad again and sometimes they don’t even accept the legit ad and still consider it as an ad which violates their terms and conditions.

The above scenario happens quite often and is the only reason that you need to have multiple backup accounts. You lose money each day when your ad is not running because of none of your fault.

Now that you understand that why you need a backup account, you also need to understand that Facebook should not be able to link up your main account with a backup account. If that happens, if your main account is disabled for ads, your backup account will also be disabled sooner than you think. Facebook knows that your main account was banned from ads and if you run the backup account on the same IP, with the same credit card, Facebook will know that the backup account belongs to the same guy whose ads was banned and they will simply ban your new account without looking if they are legit or not. They track each activity and try to link data in every way possible.

Facebook tracks your browser. IP, credit cards, a lot of other hardware data which you have never heard of. For me, If I am spending $50-$100k per month on Facebook ads I would not want to bother what FB tracks or not, I would just look for a solution that gets my FB ads up and running.

We need 3 things to be run ads safely.
1. Residential/Mobile IP Proxy address
2. Multilogin – It will protect your browser identity and FB won’t know about any of your previous FB accounts.
3. New Payment methods. You should have access to new cards.

I will explain each one for better understanding.

1. Proxy

We need it because Facebook knows your old IP and if you access the new account from the same IP, they will know who is behind the new account.

You can’t just use any proxy. There are 3 types of proxies

> Datacenter Proxy

> Residential Proxy

Mobile Proxy

 > Datacenter proxy 

This proxy is the worst for our case, these are the IPs that are used by big data centers and are not meant for a normal user. So if you visit your Facebook account from the Datacenter proxy, you can say goodbye to that account, because it will get banned.

Residential Proxy

These are the trusted proxy. This is the IP you get from your ISP on fiber broadband in your home. This is meant for all normal users and is very trusted. You also have to choose the geo of IP. You can’t just use Singapore’s residential proxy for a Facebook account which is normally accessed from United States IP address. You will need a residential IP address from your country.

> Mobile Proxy

These are the most trusted source of proxy available out there. These are meant for people using the internet on their mobile phones. There are only around 4Bn IPv4 proxies available and most of them are private, which means they are owned by corporates. Mobile networks own only small pools of IPv4 addresses and they can’t just assign a unique IP to each of their internet users. They use a technology that assigns hundreds of users the same IP address, which makes it the most trusted IP. If a Facebook user is doing Blackhat things, Facebook just can’t blacklist that IP, since it will result in non-accessibility for other users currently on that IP. The beauty of the 4G proxy is that you can use any countries 4G Proxy and Fb trusts it and thinks you are traveling and using mobile data.


2. Multilogin

It is a browser anti-fingerprint tool which makes it difficult for Facebook to link up your account. Facebook can’t just rely on IP address, they track your browser, extensions, fonts, webgl data, user agent, webrtc, location, timezone, canvas, audio fingerprint, and God knows what else. There are plugins available for free which change few things in browser but it can not make you full undetectable. If you want to run multiple accounts without getting detected, you need Multilogin with Mobile Proxies.

3. Payment Method

We need these to make Ad payments to Facebook. If you are running legit whitehat ads and still got restricted by Facebook, you can still use your original payment method in a new ad account. We only need a new payment method only if we got restricted from multiple ad accounts which used the original payment method.

You will be most likely able to run ads without any issue by following this guide.

If you still have any questions, reach me on telegram.

How to Warmup a Browser Profile - With Cookie Robots

Warmup a Browser Profile - With Cookie Robots

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data — that are used to identify your computer as you browse the internet. Cookies known as HTTP cookies are used to identify specific users and improve your web browsing experience. Data stored in a cookie is created by the server upon your connection. This data is labeled with an ID unique to you and your computer. When the cookie is exchanged between your computer and the website server, the website reads the ID and knows what information to specifically serve to you.

This Cookie data is very important for bigger sites like Facebook & Google. With this data, they differ real user from a bot user. If you have to manage multiple accounts with the help on Multilogin but all your newly created browser profiles are empty, you will be treated like a bot and will most probably face checkpoints and account suspension.

Websites can read cookie data and track your movements across the internet. So, if you want to look like a regular user in website’s eyes, you need to have cookies in your browser profiles.

CookieRobot is an extension by Multilogin which helps to automate cookie gathering process. 

To use Cookie Robots follow these steps:

1. Click on browser profile settings and select “Run CookieRobot”:

2. We have to add a list of websites, the time CookieRobots will spend on each site and click on “Run”; it will start its cookie collecting spree and close the browser when it has done collecting cookies.

After the cookie gathering has been done, your profile trust score have immediately jumped from looking like a bot to a real user.

Please make sure to use a 4G Proxy  as it will help in keeping your profile from getting linked to your other profiles.

If you still have any questions, reach me on telegram

Perfect Settings For Running Multiple accounts on Multilogin

Perfect Settings For running Multiple accounts on Multilogin

Below are the steps which are tried and tested by me over the period of 2 years. They do work.

1. Click on the “Create New” button to create a profile

a. Fill in the name of the profile.

b. Choose the same Operating system as your Computer/laptop. If your system has windows, choose Windows, If Mac OS, then select Mac OS, and so on for other OS.
c. Choose whatever browser you like, I usually choose Mimic.
Mimic runs on Chromium Engine and Stealthfox run on Firefox Engine.

2. I would recommend using a proxy for your account. Make sure to use only 4G Proxy or Residential Proxy for best results.

The seller will provide the proxy in HTTP or Socks4 or Socks5 protocol. All 3 are compatible with Multilogin.

3. Click on Timezone and toggle the button to Fill Timezone based on IP.

4. Now Click on WebRTC and Change behavior to Altered.
and toggle on Fill WebRTC Public IP Based on the IP

5. Now Click on Geolocation and choose the options like in the below picture

6. Click on Advanced then Navigator.

a. No change is needed in the User-agent field.

b. We have to change the Screen resolution field according to our need. Go to and see what is your screen resolution. You have to always select the screen resolution to be lower than your original screen resolution.

c. Language can be English or it should be the proxy location language. If your proxy location is France, you need to have English and France in there.

Rest no changes are needed. Leave it as it is.

7. Click on Fonts

and toggle Enable Font list masking.

8. Now Click on Media devices

and click on Mask media devices to ON. Please don’t change anything below, Multilogin will do it randomly for you.

9. Now Click on Hardware

Do the settings as shown above in the picture.

Rest all the settings are taken care of by Multilogin and we don’t need to do any changes there.

Please note that these settings will make your profile unique for Facebook ads/Google ads or whatever you are trying to run. However, we have to age the profile by using the cookie robot extension by Multilogin.

If you still have any questions, reach me on telegram.

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